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Brief Tafseer of Al Quran: with Dr Farhat Hashmi

 Reviewing Quran During Ramadan

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Juz /Quran Summary:


Summary of DQ by Uztazah Farhat Hasmi and Recap by Sr Shazia:

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  1. Morning
    Jul 12, 2014 @ 19:07:19

    Asalamo Alekum. The FaceBook page of AlHuda has summaries of the Juz in Urdu. It would be lovely to have those summaries in English for those of us who are not well versed in Urdu. Jazak Allah Khaiyran.


  2. Hina Adeel
    Jul 22, 2014 @ 07:49:25

    🍃Summary of Juz 1🍃

    Juz 1

    SURAH AL FATIHA : سورة الفاتحه
    1- Praising Allahswt.
    2- Dua

    🔹Ayaat 1-7
    All praises is for Allahswt
    الرحمان الرحيم ، رب العالمين ، مالك يوم الدين
    We are asking for guidance and the way that will take us towards jannah

    🍃AL BAQRAH سورة البقره🍃

    🍃Contents: 🍃
    🔸1- 3 Gps Mutaqeen .. Kafireen ..

    🔸2- Story of AdamAs.

    🔸3- Story of Bani Israel.

    🔸4- Story of Moosa As.

    🔸5- Story and Duas of Ibrahim As.

    🔹Ayat 2: hidaayat is for muttaqeen

    la raibafi= 100% true/clear
    لا ريب فيه

    👉❤heart of people of tawqa= alert, full of Allah’s fear and displeasure; vigilant

    🔹Ayat 5: success is for the muttaqi👍

    ▪everyone wants to succeed

    what is success/❓❓

    where is the prescription of success?❓


    🔹Ayat 21:

    ▪standard of success :

    👉taqwa and itaat; if we are humble enough to worship

    ▪Taqwa= saves us from wrong, Allah’s anger, fire

    🔹Ayat :30

    ▪three makhlooq

    ▪insaan, angels, jinn

    👉Theme of Taqwa:

    ▪Adam made a mistake , repented at once=taqwa

    ▪Shaitan – made a mistake but did not say sorry; arrogant;

    👉anytime takabbur comes – ataat goes thru the other door

    👉Takabbur ka ilaaj= ataat;

    ▪when ever it becomes difficult , ask for help from sabr and salat and spend in the way of Allah.

    🔹Ayat:45 seek help from sabr and salat

    🔹Ayat 46:

    👉Sabr , salat and Khushu

    🔹Ayat 61: ..do you prefer to exchange good with bad…

    🔹Bani Israel were giving preference to Dunya over Deen

    ▪Muttaqi gives preference to DEEN over Dunya

    🔹Ayat 42:whoever wants dunya

    🔹Ayat 45; whoever wants deen

    🔹Ayat 65:

    🍃Trial for Bani Israel🍃

    ▪They twisted the command in order to

    ▪Fish= niamat, dunya, trial

    ▪Bani Israel preferred dunya

    👉they made excuse for not obeying the Command

    👉For us also , there are so many issues in form of fishe to prevent us from doing the Allah’s work

    👉When Bani Israel disobeyed, Allah gave them chances after chances for a while

    ▪In doing halal work, there is difficulty but the end is good

    ▪There is struggle but will have peace of heart

    ▪So haram things give pleasure but it is only temporary

    🔹Ayat 67:

    when bAni Israel asked Musa as if he was joiking ; He replied he doent engage in useless things

    🔹Ayat 74:

    👉Hearts become hard

    👉when we dont care of consequences, we become selfish and arrogant

    👉Not sensitive and quran doesnt affect us

    ▪Bani Israel did not have ataat and if they DID obey they argued a lot before

    ▪SO there was no taqwa

    👉So we have to examine our hearts and see if our hearts are hard

    👉we dont enjoy quran when our hearts are hard

    🔹AYAt 83: all deen

    ▪huqooq ALLAh :tawheed, no shirk

    ▪huqqoq al ibaad:

    ▪parents – do ihsaan = haqq se ziyada dena without expect


    ▪orphans and needy

    👉SPEAK GOOD: husna = better than they deserve

    then huqooq al ibaad

    🔹Ayat 109:

    wafu was fahu

    🔹Ayat 110:

    ▪who can forgive and forget

    -▪who spends

    🔹Ayat 112:

    ▪complete submissin


    🔹Ayat 121: recite as it should be recited

    🔹Ayat 124: Ibrahim (As) passed all the test, so he was made aleader

    🔹Ayat 127-128: Ibrahim as ‘s priorities

    🔹Ayat 131: submission without arguing ; unconditional obedience; no ifs and buts or hows and whys

    🔹Ayat 136: muslemoon

    🔹Ayat 137: abidoon

    🔹Ayat 138: sibgat Allah —mukhlisoon
    🔹Ayat 141: Do ur deeds keep ur focus on Akhira.. Ummat ul Wasat.


  3. Shaima
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 10:16:22

    summary of all Juz in English is appreciated.


  4. Anonymous
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 14:59:42

    Barak Allah Feekei. Masha Allah. A downloadable pdf version would of same would be very useful.


  5. Sobia Shaheen
    May 12, 2016 @ 18:38:54

    AoA..i want to take admission online,but how


  6. Sumaiya
    Nov 06, 2016 @ 07:06:54

    how should i take admission in this


  7. farha
    May 03, 2017 @ 11:59:17

    Plz share summary of juzz 9


  8. Sonya Khalil
    Sep 05, 2017 @ 13:30:43

    Assalamu Alacum,
    Sisters I need help!
    Please give me reflection Questions of Lesson # 20, 21, & 22 of Juz 2 Taleem-e-Deen Program by sister Taymiyya.
    I will really appreciate your help.
    Waiting for reply.
    Jazakum Allahu Khairun Kaseerun


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